Breathtaking turquoise waters, affordable retirement paradise

Lake Bacalar,Q. Roo MEXICO , Lagoon of the seven colors , is a retirement paradise. With a length of some 50 miles from North to South it seems like a wide turquoise river flowing through the jungle. Bacalarīs turquoise waters are enhanced by the deep green tone of the mangroves and reed beds.

Bacalar is one of the most interesting places for investing in Mexico. Water front lots and condos are still affordable. Safe and peaceful , this breathtaking turquoise lagoon is now becoming the favorite retirement option for American and Canadian senior citizens. Also young investors are now buying property forseeing a rapid appreciation . For more information on this subject please follow the link below.

Laguna Bacalar is the second largest sweet water lake in Mexico and still the best kept secret . Its breathtaking scenery is still little known by international tourism. But this will soon change since developers, retired or semiretired citizens, tourism and local authorities are now realizing the enormous potential of this incredibly beautiful area.

Located in the southern part of the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico , just 15 mi from the state's capital Chetumal and 3 hours from Cancun, it sits near the coast just before Belice and the river that divides Belize from Mexico. Bacalar lagoon is linked to the Rio Hondo by the Chaac canal. The perfect place to access the mayan ruins of Kohunlich and Chacchoben. Majahual, Costa Maya port . Care Free Retiring , Investing , Casino Gambling , Duty Free Shopping , Water Front condos, Premium Real Estate, Rentals . Costa Maya , Majahual , Chinchorro , Fishing , Restaurant , Spa , Safari Park , Cave diving , Windsurfing , Boating , Canoeing , Kayaking , Bird watching , Mayan ruins of Kohunlich and Chacchoben

CENOTE AZUL Bacalar owes its name to the Mayan word Halal which means "place surrounded by reeds." and it features one of the most impressive and deep "holy holes" in the whole Yucatan Peninsula . Estimated deepness of this "holy hole" is about 200 mts. ( 600 ft ) . For cenote photos in press here .
Bacalar lagoon's breathtaking scenery
With a population of only 10,000 people , it has an enviable cultural level for such a small town due to the fact that it lodges the state's Teachers college . A large amount of residents of Bacalar have attended this college to become a school professor, giving Bacalar an unusual HIGH level of educated persons for such a small population. bacalar
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Breathtaking turquoise waters. Safe and peaceful paradise.

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